Have you ever wondered about your legal rights to financial compensation for sexual abuse?
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Sexual Abuse Law FAQ

It may not be. We have successfully represented clients who were abused over fifty years ago and whose abusers are dead.
No. You can pay your lawyers when the settlement comes in.
We can ask the court for an order protecting your name and identity. The courts will grant these orders when provided with the proper evidence.
Each case is unique. Much depends on how you were abused and how it has affected you, your life and your ability to work.
It takes time. Your case is unique.
Nobody is at ease talking about sexual abuse. But many of our clients tell us that it is important to them to finally have their voices heard. Others have said that speaking to us was the start of their healing.
It is possible. However, we have a very high success rate in settling cases through negotiation. We are always ready to go to court, if that’s what it takes. Most of our cases settle out of court.
While no amount of money can give you back your childhood, you have a legal right to financial compensation for your injuries and losses.
Yes. Morris Moore is committed to gender equity. It is important to us that you feel comfortable dealing with a lawyer of your choice.
This website is not legal advice. If you are ready to talk, we are ready to listen.